Typical Heat Loss


Attic insulation

Up to 40% of heat lost from a home is lost through the roof. Effective attic insulation can pay for itself within two to three years.


Lagging Jacket

 A lagging jacket on the hot water cylinder will help retain the hot water temperature and pay for itself within a few months.


Double Glazing

For a given area of wall or window, a window will allow up to eight times more heat to escape.


Wall Insulation

As much as one-quarter of the heat lost from a house can be lost through the walls. Properly insulating walls can reduce this by two-thirds. Badly fitting windows and external doors can account for more than one-sixth of heat loss.


Ground Floor Insulation

Heat loss through the ground depends on several factors, including floor type, whether the house is one or two-story, the nature of the soil, and terraced or detached construction.