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Cavity Wall Insulation

Cavity wall insulation is a highly effective method of improving your home’s energy efficiency and comfort. By filling the gap between the inner and outer walls with insulating material, cavity wall insulation helps to reduce heat loss and maintain a stable indoor temperature.

This leads to significant energy savings and creates a more comfortable living environment for you and your family.

Why Usher Insulations

With over 35 years of experience, our expert team has meticulously selected insulation products based on their ease of use, superior quality, and competitive pricing. We prioritise user-friendly application processes, uncompromising standards of excellence, and delivering value to our clients without sacrificing the calibre of our offerings.

Proper insulation is crucial for reducing drafts, minimising cold spots, and preventing moisture buildup, which can cause dampness and mould problems. With cavity wall insulation, you can enjoy a warmer, more energy-efficient home while reducing your heating cost and carbon footprint.


Benefits of Cavity Wall Insulation

The benefits of wall insulation are numerous:

  • Improved energy efficiency, leading to lower heating and cooling costs
  • Increased comfort by maintaining a stable indoor temperature and reducing drafts
  • Reduced carbon footprint by minimising energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Enhanced sound insulation, resulting in a quieter living environment
  • Prevention of moisture buildup, minimising the risk of damp and mould problems
  • Increased property value due to improved energy efficiency and overall home comfort
  • Potential eligibility for government grants and incentives supporting energy-efficient upgrades
  • Quick and non-disruptive installation process, causing minimal inconvenience to homeowners

How Long Does Cavity Wall Insulation Last?

Cavity wall insulation typically lasts around 25 years to the lifetime of the house, depending on the type of material used and the quality of the installation. Materials such as foam, polystyrene beads, or mineral wool are commonly used, each with varying longevity.

Over time, factors like settling of the insulation, moisture ingress, and structural changes to the building can affect its effectiveness. Regular inspections can help identify any issues early, ensuring the insulation continues to perform efficiently throughout its expected lifespan.


Bead Cavity Wall Insulation

Bead cavity wall insulation is a method of insulating cavity walls using tiny, lightweight polystyrene beads. These beads are injected into the cavity through small holes drilled in the mortar joints.

Once inside, the beads bond together, forming a dense, insulating barrier that effectively reduces heat loss.

This type of insulation is known for its quick and easy installation process and its ability to conform to irregular cavity spaces.

Bead cavity wall insulation provides excellent thermal performance, helping to improve energy efficiency and comfort in homes and buildings.

Spray Foam Cavity Wall Insulation

Spray foam cavity wall insulation is a method of insulating walls using spray-applied polyurethane foam. The foam is injected into the cavity through small holes, expanding and filling the space, creating an airtight and moisture-resistant seal.

This type of insulation provides excellent thermal performance and air-sealing properties, effectively reducing heat loss and drafts. Spray foam insulation also helps minimise air leakage and moisture infiltration, improving indoor air quality and preventing mould growth. The installation process is relatively quick and efficient, making it a popular choice for homeowners and builders alike.


Government Grants for Cavity Wall Insulation

We are here to advise you on the best financial path for insulating your home

Government grants from SEAI are available for cavity wall insulation. Depending on your property, the grants range from €700 to €1,700.

The availability and terms of these grants may vary over time, and further stipulations and conditions may need to be met. To access the latest details regarding attic insulation grants in Ireland, we recommend visiting the official SEAI website at https://www.seai.ie/.

Alternatively, please contact our team for assistance navigating the grant process and understanding the current opportunities available.

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