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House Insulation

Make your house more comfortable and save money by insulating your house.

Improve your home’s insulation and enjoy a home that is easier to heat, more energy efficient and costs less in heating bills.

With many poorly insulated homes across Ireland, we are spending far too much on heating only to lose that heat through our roofs, floors, and walls. At Usher Insulations, we want our customers to understand and see the enormous benefit of quality insulation. We know from experience that a cold and uncomfortable house can be transformed into a cosy, comfortable and efficient house. 

Our House Insulating Services

Do you have particularly draughty areas in your home? Rooms that heat and then quickly lose the heat? More expensive heating bills than your friends or family?

A well insulated home should maintain a consistent temperature all year round, keeping out the heat in summer and the cold in winter. It should require little heating and therefore be energy efficient. Above all, a well insulated home should be comfortable year round. 

With the correct insulation, a home should be able to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the year


Roof Insulation

In a home without insulation, approximately 25% of heat escapes through the roof. Fitting your loft with insulation stands as a highly cost-effective approach to cut down on heat loss, subsequently reducing your heating costs.


Cavity Wall

Cavity wall insulation is one of the most cost-effective forms of insulation for your home. Increasing the energy efficiency of your home not only reduces heat loss but also your carbon footprint, making the home warmer and cheaper to heat. We are a Kingspan Insulation approved installer. A pre installation survey is carried out to determine whether the property is suitable.


Government Grants

We are here to advise you on the best financial path for insulating your home

We are registered for Attic insulation and Cavity wall Insulation but can you make a table with all of the grant measures on from the link here

Better Energy Homes scheme


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We use a range of products but mainly Fibreglass, Rockwool, Sheepswool and Kingspan Ecobead

Depending on the size of the house can generally be done within 1-2 days

We cover the greater Dublin region

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland offer grants to homeowners.


Storing items on insulation can reduce the effectiveness we can install an insulated flooring system.

The flooring is safe and secure while maintaining your insulation value.

The insulation if left untouched could last the lifetime of the building.