Home Energy Assessment

The majority of Irish homes were built before energy efficiency became a big concern. There are numerous ways in which your property is wasting energy. The heating system may be outdated, the walls and roof can be poorly insulated, and even draughty windows will contribute to energy wastage. 

The best way to examine your homes energy usage and to create a plan to improve its efficiency is by conducting a home energy audit. You can conduct an energy audit yourself, or you can hire a professional energy company like Usher Insulation.

The Energy Audit

An energy assessment is simply an audit of your home’s energy consumption. It is used to assess the amount of heat loss, where and how the heat loss occurs, the efficiency of heating systems, and will highlight the areas of your home that require improvements.

Using the results of the energy audit, you can create a plan to improve efficiency, reduce heat loss, and ultimately save money on your energy bills. Ultimately, home energy assessments are the most time and cost-effective way of making your home a more comfortable, cosier, and warmer place to live. 

Do it Yourself Home Energy Assessment

It is possible to carry out your own home energy assessment. There are a number of steps and factors to include if wish to do so:

STEP 1: Check all heating and cooling systems:
Make sure you inspect all appliances for any faults, examine all windows and doors for air leaks and gaps, monitor your hot water usage, and keep track of how often you use your heating system.

STEP 2: Inspect Insulation and sealing:
If you already have insulation then you need to evaluate its current condition. If there is no existing insulation then make notes of where insulation can be included in your home; walls, floor, roof, etc.

STEP 3: Monitor electricity use:

Evaluate your use of lights and make note of when lights are turned off. Assess the rating of your light bulbs. You need to monitor what appliances are left on standby and which ones are being plugged out of the sockets regularly. You should also check for any outdated electrical appliance.

Usher Insulation’s Professional Energy Audits

Hiring a professional energy consultant like Usher Insulation will give you a more accurate energy assessment with detailed reporting and figures. Our energy audits are a comprehensive examination of your home in order to identify energy savings, cost savings as well as offering expert advice moving forward. The energy auditor will conduct a room by room examination, making note of all findings, as well as a thorough examination of past energy bills. Based on our assessment we can then come up with a tailored plan to tackle your energy wastage, make changes to improve efficiency, and save you money on your bills.

Energy Assessments Dublin 

As one of the most established home insulation companies in Dublin, Usher Insulations are experts in energy audits. We perform BER Assessments to highlight exactly where your home is wasting energy and create a plan to rectify the issues. We have conducted hundreds of building energy assessment tests and have helped clients identify and correct areas where they were wasting energy and wasting money. We can also advise you on how to carry out your own home energy audit. For further advice and information speak to a member of our team on 018201921.