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Usher Insulations Ltd is one of the longest established insulation companies in Ireland we provide property owners all over Dublin with a range of fully customisable insulation solutions. By combining insulation experience with our multi-discipline team of insulation experts, we can supply and install the very latest insulation products.

Our team has insulated all kinds of properties in Dublin, including new builds and older buildings. As such, we can suggest the appropriate type of insulation for the unique energy requirements of just about any property.


Our Dublin insulation solutions include:

Attic Insulation

On average, a home without proper insulation loses 20-30% of its heat through the roof. This not only leads to higher heating costs but also adversely affects the environment by contributing to increased greenhouse gas emissions.

its heat through its roof, if it is not properly insulated. This loss of heat not only costs you money in the form of higher heating bills, but it also harms the environment by increasing greenhouse gas emissions. By Insulating your attic you will save money on heating costs, increase comfort level all year round and it is good for the environment. It is also grant aided through SEAI grants.

Kinspan Ecobead

Kingspan Ecobead consists of expanded polystyrene insulated beads that, when mixed with a water-based adhesive, tightly bond together, creating an effective honeycomb-like matrix. Kingspan Ecobead efficiently fills cavity spaces as it is pumped in, navigating around any irregular or hard-to-reach areas to ensure complete coverage. The installation process is straightforward: drill, inject, and seal. This method is suitable for retrofitting homes and is included in the SEAI Grants Scheme.

Kingspan Ecobead Platinum boasts a thermal conductivity of 0.035W/m.k, utilizing air as the insulating gas within the beads to ensure long-lasting thermal performance throughout the lifespan of your home. Its installation is easy and does not generate any waste on-site.

Air Tightness

Air-tight builds are the principal of creating an airtight property. Ensuring a property is air-tight involves minimizing air leakage as much as possible. This sealing ensures that the building doesn’t lose heat through small cracks or openings, making it more efficient to heat, enhancing its overall energy efficiency, and leading to lower heating bills for the owner.

Usher Insulations provides new builds with our complete air tight build service. We identify where the air is escaping or entering and seal these problem areas. Our service uses a variety of techniques to create a property that’s completely air tight. Usher Insulations provides a competitively priced, practical method of increasing the energy efficiency of a client’s property. Our service is also available to retrofit buildings with air sealant solutions and to seal buildings undergoing refurbishment.

Build Energy Rating

A Building Energy Rating (BER) certificate reflects the energy efficiency of your building, much like the energy labels on home appliances.

This certificate grades your building from A to G, with A-rated buildings being the most energy-efficient, typically having the lowest energy bills. G-rated buildings are at the opposite end, being the least efficient.

To determine the BER, energy usage for heating rooms, hot water, ventilation, and lighting is measured. It also considers the expected number of people living in the building, based on averages for similar-sized buildings.

To discuss the right insulation solution for your Dublin property, get in contact with our offices today. 018201921

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