Areas of Your Home with the Most Heat Loss

We all know that poorly insulated homes result in greater heat loss. Insulation traps heat inside the building, keeping your home warmer for longer with less energy. With poor insulation, however, this heat is able to escape which means it takes more energy, and more money, to keep your home warm and cozy. 

But where exactly is the warm air escaping from and what areas of your home contribute to the most heat loss?

The Attic

Hot air rises so it makes sense that the majority of heat loss occurs through the attic and the roof. Up to 40% of all heat loss occurs here which is a crazy figure when you think about it. Effective attic insulation can pay for itself in less than 3 years with savings on your energy bills. There are a number of different attic insulation and roof insulation materials available to suit all kinds of homes. Attic insulation not only prevents warm air from leaving your home, but it also protects against cold air entering your property.

The Walls

As much as 25% – 35% of heat loss is through poorly insulated walls. Wall insulation is perhaps the most popular option for improving your home’s heating capabilities as it is easy to apply and does not disrupt your home life. There are many different options available with internal insulation, cavity wall insulation, and external wall insulation. Once the new insulation is installed you can expect a reduction in wall heat loss by up to two-thirds.

Windows & Doors

Poorly fitted windows and doors often result in gaps and draughts throughout your home. Your home can lose up to 20% of heat loss through the gaps. If your windows are single-glazed then you can expect this number to increase by another 10-15%. To eliminate draughts from your home you can use a window and door sealant to plug the gaps. It is also worth considering investing in double-glazed, or even triple-glazed windows as this will increase their ability to retain heat inside your home.

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