How to Create an Energy Efficient Home?

Usher Insulations is an environmentally aware company, and we constantly stay up to date with the latest advancements in green energy and solutions. As fuel costs continue to rise and climate change continues to get worse, there are numerous benefits to reducing your carbon footprint.

Our team of specialists offers a wide range of heating solutions that will not only keep your home warm and compatible but will also increase your energy efficiency.

Air Tight Builds

Air leaks and draughts in buildings are a major cause of energy loss. If air is allowed to flow uncontrollably in and out of gaps and cracks it requires a lot more energy to heat your home, increasing your CO2 emissions. Air Pressure testing is an effective method of testing air permeability and identifying where the gaps are and how many need repairing. Usher Insulations will design effective air barriers to seal these gaps and save energy.

Controlled Ventilation

While uncontrolled air leaks waste energy, the controlled flow of air through a property can actually have great benefits. The flow of air into and out of a building can be controlled through purpose built ventilators. While effective ventilation is required for the comfort and safety of the occupant, the correct ventilation will also go a long way towards helping maintain energy efficiency. Once an airtight build is achieved, controlled ventilation with heat recovery becomes very effective.

Secondary Heating

Effective secondary heating sources can greatly increase the energy efficiency of your home. Using an energy-efficient appliance to heat your home takes the pressure off of your central heating system, saving energy. For example, using a condensing gas fire in place of the default electric. Burning renewables like wood will also greatly reduce your C02 emissions and overall carbon footprint.

Energy Saving Light Bulbs

A large proportion of pf C02 emission is produced from lighting and lightbulbs. Light energy is produced by electric based energy. Electricity is a costly fuel and is dirtier than all other fuels. Using energy-efficient light fittings and bulbs will not only reduce your carbon footprint but will also save you money on your expensive electricity bills.

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