Benefits of Home Insulation

Historically in Ireland, our buildings and homes have not been built with the weather or with energy efficacy in mind. This is why so many of us suffer from cold and draughty houses, especially during the winter months. 

One way to combat this problem is to invest in home insulation. Here are some of the top benefits of reasons for getting home insulation.

Energy and Cost Savings

A poorly insulated home will always require more energy to heat it. The majority of the warm air will escape through the attic and roof as well as through air leaks around windows and doors. Proper home insulation will block these leaks and prevent heat from escaping, meaning less energy is required to sufficiently heat the home. If less energy is used then you will ultimately see a reduction in your energy costs and monthly bills.

Environmental Benefits 

The right insulation will help you to massively reduce your carbon footprint. If it takes less energy to heat your home then you are ultimately producing fewer emissions. Fewer emissions reduce your carbon footprint and therefore reduces the negative impact of energy use and energy misuse on the environment. Anyone who is interested in living a “green” or environmentally friendly lifestyle should consider investing in home insulation.

Resale Value 

Not many people are aware of how much the energy efficiency of your home will affect its resale value. Homes with high energy efficiency ratings receive a much higher value than homes with a lower energy rating. If you are planning on selling your home in the near, or distant, future then it is definitely worth investing in home insulation before you do so, as you will ultimately see a return on investment in the value of your home.

Sound Reduction 

One surprising benefit of home insulation is the reduction of noise and sound. Sound travels throughout the house as it bounces off the walls and floors. The correct home insulation will absorb the sound, reducing the noise levels and making your home a quieter, more relaxing place to live.

Home Insulation Dublin 

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